Property Maintenance

Middle floor wet room shower leak repair.

Full repair process.

The wet room had been leaking through to the ceiling below for some time. Small jobs had held back the leak, but only temporarily. It was time to open up the bottom of the wet room and assess the true damage.

The original wet room floor was flat, meaning that the water could not fall towards the drain.

Secondly, if the water ever made it to the drain hole then it would not flow away efficiently as the hole was too small.

This led to the water sitting in the wet room and over time working its way through the grout work and into the void below.

So, we stripped back all the tiles, rotten floorboards and repaired / reinforced the rotten structure below.

We then refitted the whole wet room, including a new wet room floor, with the correct gradients and draining hole to allow the water to flow away properly.

The tiling and decoration finished off the job at the end.


We have had so much trouble with this shower over the last 10 years or so. We finally took the leap to fix it once and for all and are happy that we have done so. All the floors with it before were identified and the new wet room is so much more efficient and easy to use. Most importantly, no more leaks!!





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