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Covid-19 Compliant. 

Regular deep cleaning of our client's commercial, welfare and work areas.

On all jobs, for our own safety, we carry them out using the necessary PPE (face masks, gloves, overalls etc.). This was the case on the job at Kings Cross. 

We deep cleaned and antiviral cleaned all of the areas.

The jobs are usually done using our three step process. The process is; 1) Remove the dirt, 2) Hot/steam cleaning, and 3) Disinfectant / antiviral spray and wiping. 

For the offices we carried out fog sanitation, which is when highly concentrated disinfectant is sprayed in a compressed fogging cloud form, that covers any living bacteria. This makes them dormant for up to 12 months.

We regularly clean these premises, along with supplying hygiene and cleaning stock. 

We supply a variety of products from; hand soaps, antibacterial hand wash, hand sanitiser (hospital grade 70% alcohol based), and also alcohol-free based hand sanitiser, which is a suitable Halal Product. 

Kings Cross: Recent Work

Silver Blaze ensure that we can keep running to a high hygiene standard. This is of our upmost importance. We value their professional and efficient service.


Kings Cross: Testimonial
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